Recap of the “Actions that contribute to the sustainability of organizations” webinar

The Innovation for Change Hub of Latin America and the Caribbean organized on February 15, 2018, its first webinar of the year under the title: “Actions that contribute to the sustainability of organizations”.

In this webinar, participants were able to meet and exchange experiences and strategies on intersectoral alliances, social enterprises and economic factors that affect the development and sustainability of social organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The speakers of this webinar were:

The panelists developed the following questions: 

Liliana Rodríguez Beyond the economic, factors that affect the sustainability of organizations  

  1. What is sustainability in the field of civil society organizations?
  2. What are the external factors that have the greatest influence on the sustainability of organizations?     (Enabling environment or not, national and global political context, possibility of synergies and agreements with other organizations to scale and extend programs, etc.)
  3. Internally, what are the factors that affect the sustainability of organizations? (institutional bodies, decision-making processes, training and motivation of the team, mobilization of volunteers, accountability, others?)

Carlos MirandaOpportunities for the sustainability of NGOCan social enterprises contribute to sustainability?

  1. What are the factors that make a social enterprise an opportunity for the sustainability of NGO?
  2. Do social enterprises allow economic sustainability and progress towards the institutional mission?
  3. How can a NGO manage the failure of a social enterprise?

Elias DinzeyCross-sector alliances, linkage with the private sector.

  1. How can partnerships between NGO and the private sector contribute to the sustainability of the actions of organizations?
  2. Recommendations for balanced and harmonious alliances between NGO and companies
  3. Future of partnerships between NGO and the private sector in the region

Twenty-six people from different countries participated (Guatemala, Argentina, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba), the number of registrants was 109 people. 49.5 of the participants were informed by social networks and the rest by email.

The slides and links of interest were shared with the registrants.